Spring break fashion

This spring, like most, pastel and floral are in. But there are some new styles that are added to spring break fashion. When shopping for the perfect look 70’s glam, suits, punk/biker fashion, nude and brown color combinations, lace, crop tops and maxi dresses are big hits. Keep these in mind.

To accessorize, try cat eye sunglasses and big bangles and for the feet its wedges and biker boots.

Suits: Not that these ever go out of fashion, but the sleek and professional look is one on the runways. Nudes and shades of brown are what to keep an eye out for. Try looking in H&M and Macys for great deals, ranging from $30-$70.

Military jackets: The beach may not be a vacation destination for everyone, but one can still be stylish during spring. Throw a military style jacket over any shirt to add the finishing touch. Shop at Macy’s, Wet Seal and H&M, ranging from $12-30

Flare jeans: These are perfect for colder places of travel and both sexes. Wear them with crop tops or floral long sleeves to achieve the perfect Spring look. Shop at H&M, Macy’s and Forever 21, ranging from $15-30.

Crop tops: Perfect for the beach and fun to wear out, these mini-shirts are huge in the sunnier states. Shop at Forever 21, H&M and PacSun for great deals, ranging from $7-15.

Biker jackets: This is the bad boy fashion accessory every guy has to have. Throw it over any white tee for a comfortable yet fashionable look. Try H&M, Macys and Forever 21 for great prices, ranging from $20-50.

Jumpsuits: These are very popular in any climate, cool or warm. This 70’s glam look is usually seen with thin straps and shorts for bottoms but can also be worn with longs sleeves and pants. Shop at H&M, Max Rave and Hollister, ranging from $10-25.

Maxi dress-: This look is fun for all shapes and sizes. Tall, short, curvy or athletic, you can wear this on a sunny day. Try bright colors like yellows or pinks. Shop at Forever 21, Macy’s or Wet Seal. Ranging from $10-25.


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